MVR Monitoring Service

Spot risky drivers quickly with year-round visibility into your employees’ driving records.

The faster you're aware of your drivers' citations, suspensions and other negative events, the faster you can address the problem.  With this service, we'll monitor your drivers' records all year round, notify you of high-risk behaviors as soon as we’re notified by the state, and quickly and enroll those drivers in the appropriate corrective action training.

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In-Depth Analytics & Expert Insight

Get a dedicated Compliance Advisor who will monitor your drivers' MVR for negative events and alert you based on the state's notification.

Your offending drivers will be enrolled in a high-impact J. J. Keller® training course targeted to correct the negative behavior.

A centralized database will be established in the DataSense® portal of electronic driver records for all your drivers at all your locations.

Have baseline compliance levels established for your drivers for future benchmarking.

Get notifications of negative events related to your drivers, including the MVR itself that we'll order from the state and audit for completeness and accuracy.

Get a breakdown of drivers' MVR by score categories and a listing of drivers in each of those categories.

MVR Monitoring Service Benefits

Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk

Our constant oversight of your regulated and non-regulated drivers' records helps you reduce the risk of accidents and out-of-service orders. 

Improved CSA Scores

Improved CSA Scores 

Protect your Unsafe Driving BASIC scores by removing unsafe drivers from the road fast.  

Dedicated Help

Dedicated Help

Your Compliance Advisor will get to know your business, share a wealth of experience managing drivers, and become an extension of your safety team.

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Data Security 

This is demonstrated by our accreditation by the Professional Background Screening Association and ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Centralized Electronic Files

Centralized Electronic Files

Your MVR files will be stored electronically, accessible 24/7 in the secure DataSense platform.

Reduced Worry

Reduced Worry

Trust the compliance experts at J. J. Keller to help you keep unsafe drivers off the road. We'll handle the time-consuming task of monitoring your drivers' MVRs so you can focus on running your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every state is different in what triggers a negative driving event. Most states trigger suspensions, revocations and convictions. Other triggers include status change, accidents, cancellations and withdrawls.  We will report on all of the information monitored and provided by each state. 

We offer a 49-state solution. New Hampshire is not included due to their requirements for repeat notarized driver releases each time an MVR is procurred. (We recommend that clients with drivers holding a New Hampshire drivers license run MVRs on these drivers on a quarterly basis to ensure they can identify issues before the annual MVR.)

You can choose to have all or a subset of your drivers enrolled in this service. You might select a subset if you want to monitor activity for drivers in highly-regulated states or are operating a focused safety program. 

As soon as a negative event is processed by the state that it's identified in, this triggers an MVR to be ordered and sent to us. Once we receive the MVR, we'll notify you within 24 hours. This time allows us to audit the MVR for accuracy.

No. Guidance issued by the FMCSA in 391.25 states that use of a third-party computerized system to monitor driving records and generate an MVR when new information on the driving record becomes available can be used in lieu of an annual MVR. The exceptions to this rule are the state of California, Arkansas and Michigan, which require an annual MVR as part of the monitoring process.

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