CSA Performance Suite

Proactively manage your CSA scores with robust reporting and expert compliance services.

Proactively improve your CSA scores using our actionable dashboards and knowledgeable compliance guidance. We'll handle everything from maintaining drivers' roadside inspection reports to monitoring driver violation trends, enrolling drivers into corrective action training and more. Use the DataSense® platform to gain a real-time view of your CSA data, including violations, patterns and trends to better understand your CSA performance and address problems quickly.

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In-Depth Analytics & Intelligence

Filter the dashboards by BASIC, DOT number, and location to gain instant clarity into your fleet's compliance levels that you can't get from looking at the SMS.

Quickly identify the negative trends that are putting your fleet most at risk.

Find where your CSA violations are occurring geographically in order to address the routes that are creating the most risk.

Drill down on any visualization to gain a deeper understanding of the items impacting your CSA scores.

Compare your current performance with the past 24 months to see how effective your corrective actions have been.

Download specific CSA data to share with your colleagues, export it to an Excel file for adding to company reports, or use it in presentations or reports.

Expert Assistance & Insights

Get a dedicated Compliance Advisor who works with you to determine which violations are most impacting your scores and offers guidance to address them.

We'll monitor and research all driver violations and trending metrics to alert you to risks and provide insight into noncompliant areas.

To eliminate your recordkeeping headaches, we will collect and maintain copies of your drivers' roadside inspection reports.

Because we know when and how to challenge a violation and what documentation helps make a challenge successful, we'll handle it all on your behalf to protect your CSA scores.

CSA Performance Suite Benefits

Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk

Our constant oversight of your regulated and non-regulated drivers' records helps you reduce the risk of accidents and out-of-service orders.

ISO Certified Logo

Data Security

This is demonstrated by our ISO 27001:2013 certification. 

Improved CSA Scores

Improved CSA Scores

Protect your BASIC scores by easily understanding your CSA scores and where to prioritize your action to prevent future violations.

Increased Visibility

Increased Visibility

Monitor patterns, trends, and easily identify areas for improvement.

Time Savings

Time Savings

We'll handle the time-consuming task of monitoring your CSA scores so you can focus on running your business. 

Reduced Worry

Reduced Worry

Trust the compliance experts at J. J. Keller to help you improve your CSA scores.

Improve your CSA Scores!

See how the CSA Performance Suite combines our expert compliance advisors with an innovative dashboard providing essential insights and action items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roadside inspection reports can be submitted directly to us through email, secure file transfer or upload in DataSense. 

The Action Items dashboard shows 12 months of data because those are the items affecting the CSA scores most recently.  The Activity Trends dashboard is 24 months because that is the timespan the FMCSA is focusing on for CSA.

We retrieve data from the FMCSA portal each day to grab new inspections, crash, and violation information for clients, and the information is picked up and put into the CSA Performance Suite dashboards. We are also collecting the monthly information that carriers have on the Safety Measurement System (SMS), so the monthly scores are available as well. 

Yes. This default view on the dashboards is a composite view of all DOT numbers for a client. All data can then be filtered by DOT number.

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