Clean Fleet State Compliance Reporting Service

Keeps your vehicles in compliance with CARB and other state-specific clean emissions requirements.

If any of your vehicles are subject to state rules for clean emissions, such as those enforced by CARB (California Air Resources Board), we’ll guide you through all of the requirements and handle the reporting details on your behalf. It’s the easiest way to prevent state enforcement actions, including prevention of plate renewals and blocking the purchase or sale of non-compliant vehicles.

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Expert Assistance & In-Depth Oversight

Get a dedicated Compliance Advisor who will help you understand your reporting requirements and update you on any state-specific requirement changes.

We’ll handle your vehicles’ clean emissions reporting requirements for each state, which can include creating accounts in state reporting systems, entering vehicle details, and processing payments on your behalf.

As your vehicles change due to ownership changes or mergers and acquisitions, we’ll make sure your vehicle fleet is always in compliance with state-specific requirements.

Based on our knowledge of your fleet and updates to state requirements, we'll make recommendations for your reporting needs.

Clean Fleet State Compliance Reporting Service Benefits

Minimized Risk

Minimized Risk 

We handle the proper reporting for your vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about details falling through the cracks.

Centralized Records

Reduced Workload

We'll handle all of this complex, time-consuming work on your behalf so your staff can focus on your core business.

Quick Compliance

Quick Compliance 

Our staff is very knowledgeable about state reporting requirements, which allows us to handle this work quickly and accurately.

Time Savings

Time Savings

Partnering with us to manage your vehicle compliance will free you up to focus your attention on running your business.

Compliance Confidence

Compliance Confidence

We'll ensure your compliance with all clean fleet requirements, from CARB to each state in which your vehicles operate in.

Support During an Audit

Support During an Audit

In the event of an audit, we'll provide expert advisement to assist you through the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

For carriers operating diesel, alternative fuel, and hybrid powered vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) over 14,000 lbs.:

  • Must register in the Clean Truck Check site by 1/31/24
  • Pay $30 p/vehicle and an annual fee
  • Add/remove vehicles within 30 days
  • Requires a third-party, certified tester upload engine On Board Diagnostic (ODB) data every six months beginning 7/1/24

No. More states are joining the effort for cleaner emissions of commercial motor vehicles, with differences in each state’s requirements. This makes compliance extremely complex for carriers with commercial motor vehicles travelling in multiple states.

Each state has its own requirements and registration timelines, with reporting based on DMV registration/renewal date, plus emissions testing at required intervals. 

Enforcement efforts vary by state. Officers may validate compliance by visually inspecting components or looking for visible signs of damage, tampering, or missing parts, such as catalytic converter, exhaust system, emission related hoses. Or them may conduct an OBD scan to obtain data, conduct a smoke opacity test, or ask the driver for any other documentation required by the state to support compliance, such as a Clean Truck Check Certificate.

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