Driver Qualification File Management Service

We minimize your risk by helping you establish, organize, standardize and maintain your DOT driver documentation.

Let our team of experts keep your drivers qualified, on the road and in compliance with FMCSR Part 391 by managing your driver qualification (DQ) documentation. We'll also give you 24/7 access to the secure DataSense® platform so you can view your drivers' files, get immediate information on your compliance level, and use the system's robust reporting capabilities. It's the industry's most in-depth DQ service!

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In-Depth Analytics & Intelligence

See driver qualification compliance levels across all of your company's drivers and locations.

You'll be sent notifications whenever there is a compliance deficiency and in advance of expiring documents.

Create reports on everything from expiring MVRs to file deficiencies, expiring renewables, med card registrations and more.

Trust the Experts

Get a dedicated Compliance Advisor assigned to handle the management of your driver qualification files on your behalf.

A complete audit of all drivers' DQ file contents will be conducted covering over 170 items in each file, auditing to ensure the 100% accuracy of your information rather than just the presence of a document.

We'll establish a centralized database in the DataSense® portal of driver qualification files for all your drivers at all your locations.

An action plan will be created to fix any incomplete, missing and expired files to bring you into full compliance quickly.

We'll perform ongoing auditing of drivers' files to identify missing, expiring, and incomplete documents.

Driver Qualification Program Benefits

100% Compliance

100% Compliance

We'll keep track of your expiring file items and make sure all information gets updated accurately and on time, so your drivers stay qualified and your files are always audit-ready.

Centralized Electronic DQ Files

Centralized Electronic DQ Files

Your DQ files will be stored electronically, accessible 24/7 in the secure DataSense platform. 

Dedicated Help

Dedicated Help

Your compliance advisor will help you understand how the regulations impact your business and go the extra mile to keep qualified drivers on the road. 

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Data Security

This is demonstrated by our accredidation by the Professional Background Screening Association and ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Improved CSA Scores

Improved CSA Scores

Protect your Driver Fitness BASIC scores by keeping DQ files compliant and your drivers qualified to be behind the wheel.

Time Savings

Time Savings

Let us take care of time-consuming record keeping so you have time for coaching and counseling your drivers.

Improve DQ Compliance with Driver Road Tests!

Be sure you’re hiring skilled drivers by letting our expert trainers test them to verify their skill level. Learn More

The Industry's Most In-Depth Suite of Driver Qualification Services

Learn how our full suite of driver qualification services help you manage driver compliance so you don’t have to worry.

Are You Making These 5 DQ File Mistakes?

Find out the five most common driver qualification file mistakes and how you can avoid them!

Onboarding New Drivers is Faster & Easier!

As part of this service, you also get access to our Driver Applicant Management online tool, which lets you easily create and collect driver applications and related documents to streamline the entire process.

Driver Hiring Dashboard

You can order any of these background checks:

  • Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP)
  • DOT Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Pre-employment Query
  • Safety Performance History Records Request (SPHRR)
  • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)
  • Commercial Driving Record (CDLIS)
  • Multi-state Criminal Search
  • County Criminal Record Search
  • Federal Criminal Record Search
  • Statewide Criminal Record Search 
  • Social Security Number Trace 
  • Sex Offender Check by Jurisdiction

Quickly identify the negative trends that are putting your fleet most at risk.

Driver Applicant Center

Get a dedicated Compliance Advisor who works with you to determine which violations are most impacting your scores and offers guidance to address them.

We'll monitor and research all driver violations and trending metrics to alert you to risks and provide insight into noncompliant areas.

To eliminate your recordkeeping headaches, we will collect and maintain copies of your drivers' roadside inspection reports.

Because we know when and how to challenge a violation and what documentation helps make a challenge successful, we'll handle it all on your behalf to protect your CSA scores.

Simplified DQ Document Management!

Included with this service is our DataSense® app, allows your drivers to quickly and easily submit their documents directly to us.

3 Simple Steps

1. Drivers use the DataSense® app to photograph any DQ items coming due, such as:

  • Driver’s licenses
  • Med cards
  • Company policies
  • MVR releases
  • Insurance certificates

2. Drivers submit the image directly to J. J. Keller for processing. We’ll alert drivers and your location manager of paperwork requiring attention or credentials coming due.

3. Drivers use the app to check the status of items deficient, missing, and expired in order to verify DQ compliance.

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DQ Compliance for Canadian Fleets

We can also address the unique needs of Canadian fleets that must comply with provincial regulations by providing them with:

  • New Hire Canadian and US DQ file packets (CDL and non-CDL)
  • Training certificates available in French Canadian and English
  • Canadian DQ files audited to the Alberta requirements
  • Compliance alerts emailed in English and French Canadian

Frequently Asked Questions

For drivers involved in interstate commerce, it's based on the definition of a "commercial motor vehicle" from §390.5 and meets the following criteria: 

  • Interstate commerce and
  • GVWR, CGWR, GVW or GCW of 10,001 lbs. and greater; 
  • Designed to transport 9+ passengers (including driver) for compensation; 
  • Designed to transport 16+ passengers not for compensation; or 
  • Placarded for hazmat 

The regulations do not specify where the files are to be stored, as long as they can be at the motor carrier's principal place of business, or other specified location, within 48 hours of being notified of an audit.

If a carrier's DQ files are stored electronically, they need to make sure that they have passwords set up; as with a physical file, only designated personnel should gain access.

Our goal for you is 100% compliance, so our Compliance Advisors will work with you to get your files in compliance in the best timeline for your company. 

You'll be sent notifications for all compliance deficiencies and for advanced notice of expiring documents. 

If you meet the requirements of a commercial motor vehicle, we offer driver qualification services for owner-operators and small fleets

Certain items are created at the time of hire and kept for the duration of employment plus three years. Other documents that are generated biennially, annually, or more frequently, may be discarded after three years. Here’s a quick reference based on Sections 391.51 and 391.53:

  • Driver-specific application (§391.21)
  • Original motor vehicle record (MVR) from time of hire (§391.23)
  • Road test/certificate (§391.31) or a copy of the CDL as allowed by 391.
  • Photocopy of Commercial Driver’s License if used in lieu of a road test (§391.33
  • Returned Safety Performance History inquiry, or record of your good faith efforts (§391.23)
  • Annual MVR (§391.25)
  • Annual documented review of the annual MVR (§391.25)
  • Medical Examiner’s Certificate (§391.43(g
  • MVR indicating medical status for CDL holders (§391.41(a)(2))
  • Documentation that you checked the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners for driver physicals (§391.23(m))
  • Medical variance or exemption document, if applicable (§391.49/Part 381)

If an owner-operator is leased to your motor carrier — i.e., not acting as an independent, for-hire carrier — you are responsible for the driver’s records (e.g., DQ file, DOT testing, logs, training). The FMCSA does not look at employee/independent contractor definitions, nor whose name is on the title of the truck. You would need all the components in the DQ file since the driver is operating under your authority based on the lease agreement. You would treat the driver the same way you would a company driver. 

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