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The Clearest Picture of Your Fleet's Performance

As a client of J. J. Keller’s Driver Qualification Service, you’ll soon have the opportunity to receive our new company-specific J. J. Keller® Safety Score, in addition to your current DQ Compliance Score.


These data-driven scores will allow you to identify potential risk areas … benchmark key metrics … determine corrective actions ... and monitor your fleet’s ongoing performance.


It’s about to become the industry’s most advanced combination of data-driven insights and regulatory assistance!

2 Scores to Measure Your Fleet’s Safety & Compliance Performance

jj keller safety and compliance scores

Expert Analysis & Advisement for Improving Safety & Compliance


Our scores provide a snapshot of your fleet's performance, and our Compliance Specialists will work with you to improve that performance by managing your compliance recordkeeping ... auditing that data for accuracy ... identifying risks ... providing regulatory guidance ... and supporting you in the event of an audit.

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J.J.Keller Recommendations

Get Expert Recommendations for Reducing Risk


As part of our Safety & Compliance scores, we'll soon be introducing AI-led recommendations based on your fleet's performance to help you take corrective action and provide immediate driver coaching. These recommendations are backed by our 65+ years of regulatory expertise.

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Fleet Safety Score Uses Anonymized Driver Data for Privacy Protection


safety scores for reduced risks



Your Fleet Safety Score is calculated by comparing the DQ and MVR data from your drivers with anonymous driver data from other companies. 


While your drivers’ safety data will be bounced against other fleets’ driver data to produce the scores, no driver names will be shared with other fleets. Only you will be able to identify your drivers by name in order to reward drivers for positive behaviors or to spot drivers in need of coaching or remedial training.

Frequently Asked Questions 

The Fleet Safety Score uses our predictive modeling to help you identify your greatest safety threats. It’s based on your drivers’ behaviors captured from MVR and CSA data we’ve aggregated from your fleet. The calculation for the score also compares a driver’s behavior to other drivers within your fleet and from fleets in our data pool, which allows you to benefit from the thousands of drivers whose compliance we manage.

The Fleet DQ Score is based on the DQ data we audit as part of your service. You can use it to verify that your drivers are qualified, and if not, what can be done to get them compliant. 

Unlike other scores, such as from CSA, our scores include personal driving history and are based on a predictive model we developed to better anticipate safety hazards and related violations. Instead of point-in-time scores that are more reflective of the past, our scores highlight your current risk areas and provide guidance on how to successfully address them.

Your Driver DQ Compliance Score is based specifically on the compliance status of your DQ files. A non-compliant document is one that is missing information, has incorrect or erroneous information, or has outdated information. 

Rest assured, your data security is extremely important to us. We’ve designed our information security management system (ISMS) with the ISO 27001:2013 and NIST Cybersecurity frameworks in mind. J. J. Keller’s ISMS has been certified as compliant with ISO 27001:2013 since 2018, and we have obtained a SOC 2 Type 2 report since 2020.

The model we use for calculating our scores will be based on the data we collect from J. J. Keller® Managed Services clients. The varying types and sizes of fleets we work with will allow us to provide exceptionally intelligent scoring and concise recommendations.

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