Let our team of experts keep your drivers qualified, on the road and in compliance with FMCSR Part 391 by managing your driver qualification (DQ) documentation. We'll also give you 24/7 access to the secure DataSense platform so you can view your drivers' files, get immediate information on your compliance level, and use the system's robust reporting capabilities. It's the industry's most in-depth DQ service!


Keep your drivers qualified and compliant. Reduce your regulatory risk. 

100% compliance

100% Compliance

We'll keep track of your expiring file items and make sure information gets updated accurately and on time. 

Electronic files

Centralized Electronic DQ Files

Your DQ files will be stored electronically, accessible 24/7 in the secure DataSense platform. 

Dedicated Help

Dedicated Help

Your compliance specialist will help you understand how the regulations impact your business and go the extra mile to keep qualified drivers on the road. 


Data Security

This is demonstrated by our accredidation by the Professional Background Screening Association and ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Improved Scores

Improved CSA Scores

Protect your Driver Fitness BASIC scores by keeping DQ files compliant and your drivers qualified to be behind the wheel.

Time Savings

Time Savings

Let us take care of time-consuming record keeping so you have time for coaching and counseling your drivers. 




View Real-time Compliance Levels

See driver qualification compliance levels across all of your company's drivers and locations. 


Get Alerts of Expiring Items

You'll be sent notifications whenever there is a compliance deficiency and in advance of expiring documents. 


See Recent Roadside InspectionsDOT Compliance metrics and trends

Identify drivers who have a received Roadside Inspection (RSI) in the last 5 days so you can address non-compliance issues quickly. 


Generate Compliance Reports 

Create reports on everything from expiring MVRs to file deficiencies, expiring renewables, med card registrations, driver change histories and more. 





Receive a Compliance Specialist 

Get a dedicated J. J. Keller® Compliance Specialist assigned to handle the management of your driver qualification files on your behalf.


Conduct an Initial File Audit 

An audit of your driver qualification file contents will be conducted covering over 170 items in each file, auditing for the accuracy of the information. 


Create Online DQ Files 

We'll establish a centralized database in the DataSense portal of driver qualification files for all your drivers at all your locations. 


Fix Non-Compliant Items

An action plan will be created to fix any incomplete, missing and expired files to bring you into full compliance quickly.


Manage Ongoing DQ Compliance 

We'll perform ongoing auditing of drivers' file contents to identify missing, expiring, and incomplete documents, then send you daily notifications of these compliance deficiencies and advanced notice of documents that will be expiring.


Manage Your Documents

Copies and faxes of your documents will be shredded in full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and we'll also purge your online documents when they've reached the retention timeline stated in the regulations.   


Assist with Clearinghouse Compliance 

We'll manage your pre-employment and annual queries of the DOT Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse for CDL drivers. 


Support During an Audit 

Expert advisement will be provided in the event of an audit, including explaining the audit process, providing instructions on how to present you records, help preparing requested files and answering your questions throughout the audit.


DQ Compliance for Canadian Fleets

We can also address the unique needs of Canadian fleets that must comply with provincial regulations by providing them with:

  • New hire Canadian and US DQ file packets (CDL and non-CDL)
  • Training certificates available in French Canadian and English
  • Canadian DQ files audited to the Alberta requirements
  • Compliance alerts emailed in English and French Canadian

Choose from a complete portfolio of driver qualification file management services. 


DRIVER QUALIFICATION FILE AUDIT - Get baseline compliance assessment of your DQ files with a comprehensive audit of each driver file. 


NON-REGULATED DRIVER FILE MANAGEMENT - Keeping driver files for your non-CMV drivers is a best practice that helps protect your company from showing due diligence in an accident or litigation. 


MVR MONITORING SERVICE - This service provides continuous monitoring of your drivers' records for negative events and your dedicated compliance specialist will notify you as soon as a violation hits your driver's record. Learn More.



  • DOT Employment Verification Ordering (Safety Performance History)
  • DOT Previous Employer Verification 
  • National Registry Verification 
  • Pre-Employment Screening (PSP)
  • California Employer Pull Notice (EPN)
  • Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

Drive your business forward by keeping qualified drivers on the road. 


Contact a Driver Qualification Specialist today — 888-473-4638 or fill out the form below. 



For drivers involved in interstate commerce, it's based on the definition of a "commercial motor vehicle" from §390.5 and meets the following criteria: 

  • Interstate commerce and
  • GVWR, CGWR, GVW or GCW of 10,001 lbs. and greater; 
  • Designed to transport 9+ passengers (including driver) for compensation; 
  • Designed to transport 16+ passengers not for compensation; or 
  • Placarded for hazmat 

The regulations do not specify where the files are to be stored, as long as they can be at the motor carrier's principal place of business, or other specified location, within 48 hours of being notified of an audit.


If a carrier's DQ files are stored electronically, they need to make sure that they have passwords set up; as with a physical file, only designated personnel should gain access.

Our goal for you is 100% compliance, so our Compliance Specialists will work with you to get your files in compliance in the best timeline for your company. 

You'll be sent notifications for all compliance deficiencies and for advanced notice of expiring documents. 

If you meet the requirements of a commercial motor vehicle, we offer driver qualification services for owner-operators and small fleets

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