Vehicle Legalization & Advisory

Now you can be sure that all of your vehicles are in compliance with the help of our expert Vehicle Services team. They'll review your documentation for accuracy and compliance, and also assist you with the complex, time-consuming tasks of keeping your vehicles legal.

Vehicle Advisory Services

Get expert advisement regarding fuel taxes, intrastate authority, titles and registration to make sure your vehicles are operating legally and in compliance. 


IFTA/IRP Record Review

To ensure your operation is compliant with the IFTA and/or IRP requirements, we'll review your company's trip reports and supporting documentation. If any deficiencies are found, we'll provide a written report of the finds and recommendations for correction.


Intrastate Authority Review

We'll review your company's MCS-150 updates, equipment lists, exclusions, intrastate travel, and permits to verify that they're complete and in compliance. If anything is found to be deficient or out-of-compliance, a written report with recommendations will be provided to you.


Title and Registration Review

If you've gone through a merger, acquisition or are a new entrant, we'll review your vehicles' titles, license applications and merger/acquisition paperwork to ensure they're titled correctly. If deficiencies are found, we'll provide a written report of the findings and recommendations for corrections. 

Let us expedite the process of keeping your vehicles operating legally.


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Vehicle Legalization Services

Keep your vehicles in compliance by having our team obtain the correct permits and registrations, and manage your titling and tax filings. 



We'll handle the entire process of setting up your account with IFTA and/or IRP. This includes collecting the required supporting documents, reviewing them for accuracy, completing the application process, and confirming the receipt of your credentials.


IFTA/IRP Renewal

We can quickly and accurately process your IFTA and/or IRP renewals, and as part of the renewal process, we can add, delete, or make any necessary changes. 


Titling Projects

If you've gone through a merger, acquisition or an entity or name change, we'll handle the paperwork of transferring vehicle titles to the new legal operating name. We'll also replace lost credentials and handle lien releases.