How Data is Steering the Trucking Industry to Success

Daren Hansen, Sr. Editor - Transport Safety

November 14, 2023

 Man driving truck

The trucking industry is undergoing a digital transformation, with big impacts on safety and efficiency. From telematics to tablets, e-logs to dash-cams, technology and data are revolutionizing the way motor carriers monitor their assets, manage risk, retain records, make decisions, and ensure compliance.

Motor carriers that fail to keep up with the technology could be left behind, and those that fail to make use of the data they’re already generating could face claims of negligence when that data comes to light during litigation.

Data-driven decision-making helps companies stay competitive in a dynamic market. Taking full advantage of available technology and data can lead to:

Increased efficiency: Advanced tracking systems help companies monitor their fleets in real-time, allowing for precise route planning, reduced fuel consumption, and timely deliveries. Electronic recordkeeping helps ensure compliance and reduces administrative costs through automated auditing and storage, and ensures employees always have access to the records and data they need. Messaging systems and online training help keep drivers out of the classroom and on the road.

Technology also creates a more transparent and efficient supply chain, helping companies manage inventory, track shipments, and schedule pickups with greater ease while also reducing paperwork and enhancing communication.

Enhanced safety: Electronic logging devices, ECMs, dash-cams and other advanced telematics systems are used both for compliance and coaching, as well as to quickly spot risky driving behaviors and hours-of-service violations. Online corrective-action training can help stem bad behaviors and improve driving skills. Electronic MVR and driver-file monitoring help catch violations, qualification problems, and licensing issues before they can lead to penalties or a crash. In addition, CSA data can be leveraged to spot trends, improve safety performance, and protect the company’s safety rating. Finally, predictive maintenance based on vehicle data helps identify potential mechanical issues so they can be addressed before they lead to a breakdown.

Data-driven analytics empowers trucking companies to make informed decisions. By leveraging technology and analytics, motor carriers can enhance efficiency, safety, compliance, and overall operations. In short, the future of trucking lies in the power of data, promising continued advancements that will benefit both the industry and its customers.

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