Full-service Program Management
Simplifies HazCom Compliance.

An effective HazCom safety program protects your employees from harm and your company from harm and risk. This service makes it easy by managing every step of the process, from improving the accuracy of your chemical inventory to maintaining your SDS library, ensuring proper labeling, and much more! It's the most complete, time-saving solution for complying with OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 29CFR 1900.1200. 

This service is ideal for companies with:


Hazardous chemicals on site

Limited HazCom regulatory knowledge

Multiple operating locations 

Minimal EH&S staff 

We'll efficiently improve your workplace safety with these services:


Written Hazcom Program 
  • Evaluate your written HazCom program and make recommendations or develop a new one

  • Identify federal and state-specific requirements to incorporate into your plan

  • Review your program regularly and update as needed

Chemical Receipt Process

  • Audit how chemicals are received at your workplace and accounted for in your safety program. 

  • Make recommendations and provide tools for improving your process

Chemical Inventory
  • Create an electronic, searchable database of your chemicals

  • Cleanse and audit your chemical list

  • Archive chemicals no longer in use

  • Validate your list with periodic reviews and cross-checks

SDS Management  
  • Ensure there's a valid SDS for every chemical

  • Track all SDS versions and notfiy your when new ones are available 

  • Make SDSs available to all employees

  • Deliver updated binders periodically

HazCom Labeling
  • Provide GHS-compliant labels

  • Replace damaged or illegible labels

  • Update your labeling if the SDS indicates a change. 

Employee Training
  • Be available to you for regulatory questions and guidance 

  • Ensure program owners are trained on HazCom requirements

  • Provide additional training tools, including posters and other employee communications

  • Provide general HazCom training

Program Reporting
  • Provide regular reporting and communication on your HazCom program performance

JJ Keller specialist working at a computer

When it comes to managing your HazCom compliance program, don't go it alone — we can help. 


Call us at 920.720.7714 to be part of our beta test! 


Regulatory Expertise 

Your dedicated Compliance Specialists will become an extension of your organization,tailor the program to your specific needs and work directly with your location and corporate contacts.

Robust Reporting

Access our cloud-based platform 24/7 to search your entire chemical and SDS database, generate custom chemical labels on demand and research regulatory info or send us your questions.

Business Flexibility 

As we manage your compliance work, you'll have more time to work on other priorities, and as your company grows we'll add resources to accommodate your needs.

Audit Support

If you face an audit or inspection, we'll provide guidance on preparing and presenting records. We'll even negotiate on your behalf to lower any fines assessed.


Because the DataSense platform becomes more valuable as it collects more data from across your company, consider pairing this service with these complementary compliance services. 

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