Experience the Future of Safety & Compliance


The J. J. Keller® DataSense® platform is becoming even better. With our four-phased update, you'll gain even greater clarity into your company's compliance data and regulatory risks. You'll also get more power to improve driver, vehicle and employee safety and compliance.

View the future of safety & compliance with the exciting upgrades coming to the J. J. Keller® DataSense® platform.

Phase 1 DataSense Screen



Improved design to more clearly present your safety & compliance


Intuitive navigation to find and use the data you need faster 


Modernized colors and styles for a crisp, contemporary look 

Phase 2 CSA Suite screen


Updates to the CSA Performance Suiteincluding improved dashboard customizations, site design and navigation

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Phase 3 Reports Screen


Favorite & standard reports based on the predefined filters you choose


Updates to Driver Applicant Managementincluding improved service dashboard and site design


Access to relevant regulatory content and industry news 

Phase 4 Overall Compliance Screen


Exciting updates for Driver Qualification File Management Service clients including:


New compliance and safety scores


Data-rich dashboard visualizations to improve overall management of your safety & compliance 


Recommendation engine that provides compliance guidance based on your data-driven scores 


Ability to upload files in bulk for increased efficiency