Identifying Unsafe Driving Behaviors as They Occur


Kathy Close, Editor - Transport Safety

December 3, 2020


A lot can happen over the course of a year. A driver could experience crashes and receive citations that feasibly could go undetected until the next annual check of the driving record. This is especially true if the negative event occurs in a personal vehicle and the driver fails to share details. 


However, a high-profile crash will bring a driver's history to light, and pleading ignorance is not an effective defense against charges of negligent entrustment, meaning you should have known your driver was a danger on the road.


Aren't drivers supposed to report violations and suspensions? 


Yes. Annually, commercial drivers are required to provide motor carriers with a list of all traffic convictions, other that parking, occurring in any kind of vehicle within the past 12 months. However, CDL drivers can't wait until this annual list; they must report the event within 30 days of the conviction. In addition, both CDL and non-CDL commercial drivers are required to notify an employer before the end of the business day following the loss of license. 


Nevertheless, if a driver neglects to inform the motor carrier of violations or suspensions, it is still held responsible. 


How do we protect our carrier? 


Some of the more common strategies to learn of and address negative events — sooner rather than later — include:


  • Requesting MVRs more often than annually;

  • Subscribing to an MVR monitoring service;

  • Scoring MVRs to identify high-risk drivers; and 

  • Creating policies that include:

    • Immediate notification by drivers of all traffic convictions and crashes; and 

    • Progressive discipline (coaching, refresher training, warning, termination).

In addition, it may be beneficial to have a library of corrective action training topics (e.g., speed and space management) readily available that relate to specific traffic convictions (e.g., following too closely). 


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